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U Of M Flint Transfer Agreement

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Step 4: Assess your creditsEe our simple online transfer appraiser to see which of your credits will be transferred to UM-Flint. It`s a great tool to stay on track for a one-off graduation. If you decide to get passport/fail notes on the college transcripts of your current semester, we provide transfer credits for course. It is important for you to know that some UM-Flint secondary licensing programs still need letter notes to include you in their program. Step 5: Visit our tours are a little different right now and we look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful campus! Right now, we have a number of ways to visit us comfortably at home. Take part in a webinar, attend an upcoming information meeting or contact our admissions advisors to help you transfer UM-Flint.Step 6: Ask for students admitted to housing, complete the housing application and sign your housing contract online. Any questions? Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (810) 762-3300 or email admissions.flint@umich.edu. The policy of transferring university credits in residence to another accredited university for non-Rackham master`s students is: Step 1: Apply online as quickly as possible to secure your place. There is no charge and you should receive a response within two to four weeks of receiving your documents.

To submit an application on paper, download the printable version here. and send them back to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions with a $30 non-refundable registration fee. Step 2: Submit official transcriptsWe allow students to submit unofficial transcripts in their applications until official documents are received in our office. Ask all high schools you have visited to submit your transcripts to the UM-Flint Office of Undergraduate Admissions as soon as possible. For students with less than 24 college credits, transcripts are required in high school. Submit Advancement Placement (AP) Scores, if any, to obtain price credits. Step 3: Submit All DocumentsUM-Flint offers a wide range of merit scholarships for transfer students. We strongly recommend that all applicants apply for the Merit Scholarship, regardless of their academic or economic background. To apply for a merit scholarship, you submit with your application the following documents: UM-Flint distinguishes two types of course credits that can be transferred: Below, we describe the MTA courses by sending the sending institution.

These courses were evaluated based on the distribution needs of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA). Other schools and higher education institutions have different requirements for the transmission of MTA course certificates and different requirements from the courses required for admission. Please check our requirements and deadlines (add a link). Our Office of Undergraduate Admissions takes into account academic and student achievements in all high schools. The university can also take into account non-academic factors such as leadership, talent, behaviour and citizenship in deciding admission. To qualify for admission, transfer students must meet the following requirements: Up to 9 hours of semesters required for a master`s degree can be transferred from any combination of the aforementioned institutions to a student`s UM-Flint list. Graduate programs may choose to authorize less than 9 hours of semester or prohibit transfer credits.

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