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Western Quebec School Board Collective Agreement

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English exam certificate for new teachers (see CEETC) . Disability – Prolonged Absence Due to Disability (QPAT Publication) Medicare – PowerPoint (Full) PowerPoint (summary) . Info Flash 5 – PIC (Professional Improvement Committee) Maternity Leave (QPAT Publication) (English) Individual Information Sheet from the WQSB (sample) Info Flash 4 – Contracts and Priority of Employment List . A B C D E F G H I J L M M N O P Q R T U V W X Y Z QPIP (see Quebec Parental Insurance Plan) (see Maternity Leave) Parent-Teacher Meeting (from local agreement) Oversize Class Compensation – Example of letter and calculations Provincial (see collective agreement – Provincial) Retirement (contact the WQTA office for the date of the next retirement workshop) . Value Added – Pre-approved Activity List (example) Health Insurance – Extension Rate for Active Teachers (English) Publication QPAT – Practical Proposals to Improve Your Functioning. Collective Agreement – 2015-2020 Provincial Agreement (English) ( French) . . Health Insurance – Cyber Client Member Guide (English) Employee Assistance Program (English) (Deutsch) (French) QPAT Publication – Prolonged Absence due to Disability New Teachers – WQTA Syndical Membership Application Form (English) QPAT Publication – Basic Pension Information . Health insurance – Group Insurance Plan (English) PIC – Convention – Application Form (English) Board of Directors – Towards a Good Start (QPAT publication).

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