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Book proposal for Bloomsbury

Book proposal for Bloomsbury

This is call about the idea of a book for Bloomsbury. They have 2-3 books per year so they open to suggestions.

Technologies for reading and writing are advancing rapidly, with new programmes, apps and functionalities pertinent to children’s engagement with texts shaping children’s educational and social literacy practices. Children’s Reading and Writing on Screen features well- established as well as innovative methodological and theoretical approaches to document and interpret children’s reading and writing in all of their complexities.
Focussing on children aged from birth to eight years, the series aims to capture children’s reading and writing experiences in formal, informal and non-formal learning environments and to cover outcomes ranging from cognitive abilities and school-related competences to family dynamics and communication skills. It draws together ground-breaking work from across a range of disciplines including:
 educational technology
 sociology
 developmental psychology
 applied linguistics
 anthropology
 children’s geographies.
Call for proposals
For more information or to discuss an idea for a book in the series, please contact:
Series Editors:
Natalia Kucirkova, n.kucirkova@ucl.ac.uk
Deborah Wells Rowe, deborah.w.rowe@vanderbilt.edu
Commissioning Editor:
Mark Richardson, mark.richardson@bloomsbury.com

More detail in proposals flyer

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